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Hi, I am Sona

I am a Manifestation and Business Mentor, I help you tap into your full potential, find direction, and accomplish your goals.

I assist those to bring those amazing qualities in alignment with your goals and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life. I am also an author of the book How to Understand the Law of Attraction. 

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Our Coaching Packages

Mindset Mentorship

Customized 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Get clear on your purpose
  • Breakthrough Strategy Call
  • Regularly scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Guidance, support & structure
  • Get better results: more impact, more income, more balance

Personal Coaching

Mindset or Business Coaching

What is Manifestation Coaching?

There are lot of confusion around manifesting and law of attraction, and it can send us down a bad spiral real quick.  I will help you gather an understanding, and work with all the ‘main factors,’ that make the ‘reality’ of conscious creation very different than the ‘theory and assumptions.’

How does it help you?

My coaching is all about helping you ‘clean up’ the energetic space, that filled with disempowering beliefs and decisions that from which you’re trying to transform your circumstances. I help you understand all the various energetic ‘bullshit and challenges’ you face are just mere symptoms of your mind’s dysfunction–get at this root cause of all the ‘bs’ and then crap of it all  just fades away in the buried background of your subconscious mind.

See Your Life Change

I will show you how to be become that person that you want to be now, so you can change your outer world. Because it starts with you and it ends with you!  You must change how you see, feel and think, so things in your outer world can change period.

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