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Mindset & Law of Attraction Mentor

Hi, I am Sona

I am a Manifestation and Business Mentor, I help you tap into your full potential, find direction, and accomplish your goals.

I assist those to bring those amazing qualities in alignment with your goals and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life. I am also an author of the book How to Understand the Law of Attraction. 

I have rebuilt not only my life but have coached hundreds of other people in how to live a life of fulfillment and success through the Law of Attraction. I have been through the struggle of having a business, closing a business and losing everything twice!

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This is My Story

Family Tragedy

I learned a lot about myself until my son got very ill to the point where he was dying. We could not figure out what was wrong. Then it was discovered that he had Crohn’s disease, and there is no cure. He didn’t respond to treatment in Atlanta, so I had $1,800 to my name, put my stuff on a moving truck and drove to Los Angeles, to a doctor who can save my son. I drove my car across country with my son and that was the scariest shit of my life, more that flipping the car. Moving to Los Angeles was a shock to the system.

I became homeless

People weren’t so friendly, we bounced around from hotel to roommate situation until I finally was able to afford my own apartment. Business was good at the time, and life seemed to balance out, until my son got sick again, we ended up losing our place, I had to close my business and ended up homeless. I couldn’t afford to keep our things in storage.

I got a job, then got laid off

I lost all our stuff in the storage unit. Then, I lost my car, it was being towed while I was sleep in it.

We ended up in the homeless shelter system, it was horrible. People treat the homeless inhumanely. But I learned to be resourceful. We were homeless for a year in a half. We found a tiny apartment down the street from my son’s school. I got a new car, my job was ok, but we were rebuilding. Then a year later, I was out of work, couldn’t afford the rent, but the landlord wouldn’t fix anything. As soon as I got another job, we moved into this beautiful apartment. I gotten management job that paid the bills and eight months later, I lost the job and we got evicted from the apartment.

I ended up staying on a friend's couch for about 3 months and during the holidays I got a call for a short-term contract job in San Diego. I jumped on it, because I hated Los Angeles and all its experiences. When we arrived in San Diego, it was nice, but it still felt a little like Los Angeles. When the job ended, we drove to Orange County. It felt different, so I took up contract work in the area while trying to figure out where we are going to live. We stayed in Airbnb’s for about four months until my money ran low. I manifested a luxury apartment in Irvine without putting any money down. I obtained my real estate license and got my real estate fees and OCAR membership paid with no money out of pocket. Work was not steady, but money was flowing like water. Then college came for my son and I had to come up with forty-four thousand dollars for his tuition and I manifested that year after year.

So what really was the problem with this negative lifestyle?

I lived all my life in fight or flight mode until about 4 years ago. Did you see the patterns? I broke the cycle! Now I have a successful real estate, and coaching business.

Which leads me into this conversation with you regarding the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction is the talent to consciously attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that irrespective of age, nationality, or religious conviction, we are susceptible to the laws which the Universe, including the law of attraction. It is this law, which uses the intensity of emotion to decipher whatever is in our thoughts and emerge them into the actual world. In essential terms, all thoughts transform into things in the long run. If you focus 9 on negative fate and melancholy, you will stay under that haze. If you concentrate on positive thoughts and have objectives that you intend to accomplish, you will figure out how to achieve them with inspired action.

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