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So what exactly is Mindset Coaching with me like?

My ideal client is all about prioritizing true inner transformation and emotional healing, but also understanding the stuff your ego/mind wants are natural byproducts of this process so you don’t have to think about it so much anymore. You can just relax, focus on what matters most and get out of the Universe’s way so it can do its job and handle things much better than we ever could.
If the idea of transforming ‘need’ into ‘preferences’ sounds good, I’ll be able to get you there.

If you want to feel better, no matter what’s happening, I’m your girl!

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How I work

Let's Put in the Work Together

If you’re ready to give up the attachment and futile attempts at controlling everything, I’m here ready and waiting for you! If you’re sick and tired of trying to ‘create’ and want to learn how to ‘receive’ I got you!

I go deep and the clients who will get the most benefit from working with me and I want you to go very deep too! I can get a bit radical in a good way, and if you’re down for that, you’ll find our time together very beneficial, rewarding. And fun as hell!

Let’s put in this work!

Accomplish Your Goals

As a Manifestation and Business Mentor, I help you tap into your full potential, find direction, and accomplish your goals. You are born with unique talents, desires, and motivations; I assist those to bring those amazing qualities in alignment with your goals and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life. With proven tools and techniques, my clients get to discover their true self, their true desires, and manifest the life of their dreams.
Take your life, career, business, or relationships to the next level!

Let’s get it!

Benefits of Mindset Coaching with Sona

Mindset Mentorship

Customized 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Get focused on the goals and outcomes that will improve your life for the better
  • Break through limitations. Gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others on an optimum level
  • Get more energy and vitality. Stay committed and start living the life you desire to live in
  • Get focused on the goals and outcomes that will improve your life and relationships all around and attract those relationships that make you a better person.
  • Rewire the beliefs that are holding your back and step out of your comfort zone to increase sales & profits. 
  • Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you. 

Our Clients


Wondering what it’s like to work together?

Learn more about how I work with you reach well above of your goals:

I have a unique talent for “getting” my clients quickly, and pinpointing the kind of support they need in order to up  your game. You will feel seen, heard, and unequivocally supported. I am a bad ass champion for your highest potential and have the ability to guide you in the right direction, even if the path occasionally seems real iffy to you. I am both highly intuitive and analytical,  and bring “both sides of my brain” to our relationship. I pride myself on recognizing how each person and situation is unique, so that I can give you the exact mix of guidance, accountability, skill-building, cheerleading, and resources that you need to be successful. 

I’m a successful mindset and business professional and love teaching clients what I know. Are you trying to get more private clients? Want to fill a workshop or lead your own trainings? Maybe you want to build an online community, lead webinars, and create your own digital courses? Or maybe, you simply want to make a sustainable living and end the cycle of overworking and under earning.  As a successful business professional since 2000, there’s an excellent chance that I have done (and done well) many of the very things you are trying to figure out, as well as coached hundreds of other wellness, business and real estate professionals on how to do the same.  I’ve taught and presented locally, nationally, internationally, and virtually. And yes, I make a great living doing what I love. By working with someone who is both a business coach AND a successful mindset mentor, your own results will come much more quickly.

I fully embrace the philosophy that business growth can’t be separated from personal growth, and my clients get better results because of it. Let’s face it. If you all you had to do to grow your business was learn the “secret formula” (or “crack the code” or whatever else it’s called these damn days), you would have figured it out by now. Most of the entrepreneurial skills you need in order to succeed are things you can learn online for free, and you are certainly smart enough to track down that information. But that’s not why you are stuck like chuck. Most of us are stuck because we feel overwhelmed. We procrastinate in the name of making things more perfect. We lack the confidence to try something new. Or we let our head talk our heart out of what we really want – convincing ourselves that our deepest desires will never ever come true. I GET IT and want to help you face these challenges head on! If you’re up for it, your business can be the perfect playground to practice letting go of habits that no longer serve you, and trying on a new set of patterns that will empower your business AND life. 

I have a business background and believe in empowering my clients to become the badass rockstar CEOs of their own empires. Yep – I said the word empire! Because even if all you want is to have a bustling private practice in your own local community (a very worthy goal), you deserve to feel fully confident as a solo-preneur. You will get way more bang for your buck if you learn how to fish, rather than relying on me to do the fishing for you. So while it may sometimes be easier for me to simply tell you what the best approach is, I always want you to understand the “how” and the “why” so that you will become increasingly self-sufficient (while still being insanely well supported!). In addition to my coach training, I’ve been fortunate to gain some fantastic business and entrepreneurial experience in a previous career in real estate, finance and the spa resort industries. I can introduce you to good business practices in a non-intimidating manner if you’re new to this, or share more advanced strategies and tactics with you if that’s what you need. I’m equally experienced growing local/live businesses as well as online communities.

When I’m done, you will the best bad ass CEO you have ever known!

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